Kaffee und Schokolade, zwei Sucht, die wir lieben!

17. Mai 2019 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

  Kaffee wie Schokolade, für viele von Ihnen, ist absolut unvermeidbar und sogar süchtig. Vielleicht ist das der Grund, warum wir sie oft verbinden? Aber warum? Kaffee: In Frankreich ist Kaffee heutzutage das am meisten konsumierte Getränk täglich nach dem Wasser. Fast 90% der Bevölkerung [...]

Your holiday with Capsogusto

4. August, 2018 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

The luggage is closed, it is the time of the holidays! The road is long by car. Do you know that caffeine lengthens the duration of vigilance and delays the onset of fatigue sensation? This substance works positively on driving: scientific studies have shown that it improves reflexes and visual perception. Once arrived [...]

Original and savoury coffee-based recipes

7. März, 2018 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

In love with coffee, This famous full-bodied drink offers a very wide range of desserts and sweet drinks that you all KNOW. But do you know any coffee-based salty recipes? Do you want to impress your friends, and prepare them a full meal, from the appetizer to the dessert around the coffee? Capsogusto presents you some of the recipes salty [...]

The benefits of bulk consumption

24. Februar 2018 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

Reducing disposable packaging waste disposable packagings account for about one third of the French household Waste. Buying in bulk with reusable packaging is therefore a relevant action to reduce WASTE. Combating food waste every year, a Frenchman throws an average of 29 kilos of food Waste. The bulk sale, in [...]


15. Februar 2018 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

You have certainly already heard that only one person produces several hundred kilos of waste a year every day! An unsustainable long-term record for our Planet. So the situation needs to change, and quickly in Addition. To do this, the most credible solution is very simple... if all of us [...]

Starbucks ® connected to your Apple Watch 3!

13. September, 2017 Von Nicolas MINASSIANS

Gestern fand die Ankündigung von Tim Cook, für die Veröffentlichung der neuen Apple Watch Serie 3! In der Liebe zum Kaffee, aber auch mit neuen Technologien, freuten wir uns auf die Veröffentlichung. Es wird (endlich) am 22. September nächsten Tages auf dem Markt sein! 😀 Also was sind die Wunder, die dieses kleine Juwel bietet?! [...]