Who are we?

The rechargeable Dolce gusto capsules from Chez Capsogusto is above all the story of 2 friends who have known each other for over 35 years.

In 2013, while we were talking about coffee, we have realized, that finally our Dolce Gusto Coffee capsules cost us very expensive, and also generate a lot of waste and therefore, contributed to pollute the planet.

After realizing at this time that no alternative had been proposed in the trade for the machine Dolce Gusto, we sought and finally found and patented an economical and ecological solution, regarding the disposable coffee capsules of This machine.

Our aim was firstly to offer a less expensive & more sustainable solution allowing to make an excellent quality coffee while reducing daily waist.

Our capsule Capsogusto has therefore been studied to last long and not been a consumable.

Made of stainless steel our capsule is now a durable product for your Dolce Gusto now available on the market.

Our company finally opened in October 2014.

At Capsogusto, we believe in values like quality, honnesty and responsability ; which are our priority. Today thanks to our refillable capsule CapsoGusto, we are proud to contribute to save the environnement worldwide.

Today, thanks to our rechargeable capsule Capsogusto, we are proud to contribute to the protection of the environment, and to distribute our product worldwide.

This COMPATIBLE NESPRESSO reusable CAPSULE will soon be for sale on our site with a welcome offer.